Food and Body Image Healing 


At Embodied Arts Therapy, healing work is rooted in the belief that our bodies are the ground of our divine true nature, through which the soul speaks. Food and eating are expressions, on both literal and metaphorical levels, of themes related to nourishment; personal power; connection and interdependence; and the metabolic processes of receiving, transforming, and letting go. Essentially, our relationships to food, eating, and our bodies are mirrors for our relationships with ourselves, others, our creative and spiritual sources – our entire lives. 

Ashley’s recovery approach facilitates the awakening of embodied, whole-person selfhood. In Embodied Arts Therapy, recovery work focuses on:

  • Feeling at home with oneself: developing a sense of safety, familiarity, resourcefulness, and resiliency within the body.

  • Deepening awareness and connections between body, mind, imagination, and spirit.

  • Learning to cope with emotions: increasing capacity for and self-regulation of sensation and feeling within the body.

  • Working with triggers and cues: learning to recognize and differentiate physical sensations from emotional patterns, and how to respond appropriately.

  • Identifying, exploring, and transforming the beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate destructive relationships with food and/or the body.

  • Developing plans of action, skills and practices that guide you to true nourishment and which bring out your most authentic and radiant nature.

It is typical in our culture to build our body images (and often, our sense of self-worth) from the outside-in, by taking in and holding ourselves up to external standards which may not be appropriate or realistic for us. Embodied and creative therapeutic practices encourage clients to re-create self-images from the inside-out, transforming negative or limited body images by:

  • Exploring and expressing creatively the stories that you have carried about your bodily self;

  • Connecting with life-affirming images and values to align your personal visions with; and

  • Renewing your self-images based on your actual experience in your body as a moving, feeling, intuitive and visionary human being. 

Food, body image and eating disorder recovery are a special focus for Ashley. To this work she brings sensitivity, compassion, and confidence in the possibility of full recovery. In addition to her private practice, she currently works in the experiential therapy department of Charis Center for Disordered Eating, where she facilitates expressive arts and somatic movement therapy sessions for the Partial Hospitalization Program as well as outpatient adult and teen groups. Ashley has years of experience working both with 12-Step models of recovery and the Intuitive Eating method, and is available to counsel clients interested in either or both of these approaches.  

For more information on Intuitive Eating, please follow this link.

Please Note: Ashley Crofoot is not a medical doctor, state-licensed psychotherapist, or nutritionist. To those in early and ongoing recovery for disordered eating, she recommends seeking as much support as possible, including a team of health professionals specializing in eating disorder treatment. For those already seeing a doctor, nutritionist, or psychotherapist, the services offered at Embodied Arts Therapy can be a valuable addition to an ongoing recovery plan.