Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatics (from the Greek soma, or "body") is the study of the body's wisdom as it is experienced from within. Somatic movement therapy emphasizes the integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. 

Our bodies are the intelligent spirit, or principle, of life made manifest. Our bodies move us through our lives and hold the stories that have "in-formed" us. Within each of our physical designs, there is an inalienable instinct toward health and wholeness. 

In somatic movement therapy, presence with and in the body is used as the gateway to greater relationship with our total selves, others, and the world. When we listen to our bodies by tracking feeling and sensation - in stillness and in movement, through breath and pulse - the deep living wisdom from which we are formed can be tapped into as a resource for holistic health and interconnection.

In Embodied Arts Therapy, clients are gently guided in body-based, creative and contemplative practices that support grounded, embodied presence in one's own life. Somatic therapy cultivates skills for anxiety reduction, emotional regulation, resiliency, increased freedom of movement and expression, as well as the conscious integration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the self. The goal is to assist interested clients in developing a deep sense of home within the body, as the ground of being and the primary expressive medium of the psyche.

Ashley is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT). She is certified in the Tamalpa Process® model of somatic movement therapy, an integrated approach that explores the wisdom of the body expressed through movement/dance and imagination. She is also certified in post-modern dance pioneer Anna Halprin's Movement Ritual method of mindful movement. The Tamalpa Process® was developed by Daria and Anna Halprin at the internationally renowned Tamalpa Institute. It is both foundational and complementary to any forms and practices that seek body-mind connection.


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